Appellate Decisions

Roberts & Wood handles appeals and post conviction matters in Maryland, Virginia and Washington D.C.  Below are published opinions in some of the cases we have handled.


Tilghman v. State of Maryland, 117 Md.App. 542 (1997).

Criminal case alleging robbery. Court held that the defendant was not deprived of his right to testify.


State v. Montgomery, 334 Md. 20 (1993).

Criminal case alleging narcotics violations. Court held that State was entitled to continuance to comply with notice requirements prior to sentencing.


Kopf v. Skyrm, 993 F.2d 374 (1993).

Police misconduct case alleging use of excessive force. Court held that the plaintiff was entitled to a new trial.


Kopf v. Wing, 942 F.2d 265 (1991).

Police misconduct case alleging the use of excessive force. Court held that there was sufficient evidence of excessive force to warrant a trial.


Chew v. State, 317 Md. 233 (1989).

Death penalty defendant wins a new trial based on the prosecutor’s racially discriminatory exercise of peremptory challenges in jury selection.


In re: Diane M, 317 Md. 652 (1989).

Juvenile filed petition to expunge arrest records. Court held that police records were subject to expungement.


Chew v. State of Maryland, 317 Md. 233 (1987).

Criminal case alleging first degree murder and rape. Court held that defendant was entitled to new trial because State used race as a factor in striking potential jurors.


St. Paul Fire and Marine Ins. Co. v. Molloy, 46 Md.App. 570 (1980).

Civil matter in which the Court held that an insurance company had waived the defense of arson, and was required to pay the plaintiff’s claim.


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