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Daily Record - August 19, 2019

Court finds plaintiff waived 5th amendment right in civil case

Terrell Roberts represented the plaintiffs,  Ronald and Anne Moser, in the civil case, which ended up with a decision in the Mosers’ favor in Maryland Court of Appeals.  The Mosers were the victims of an embezzlement and theft by their bookkeeper, whose crimes they reported to the police.  Oddly, the bookkeeper sued the Mosers for defamation, which was nothing short of a scheme to pressure the Mosers to back away from their criminal complaint.  This did not work.  The decision of the Court of Appeals affirms the principle that a party who gives a deposition in a civil case cannot in the same proceeding invoke the Fifth Amendment at the trial of the civil matter.

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NBC Washington - April 12, 2013

Man Awarded $160K in Wrongful Arrest Suit Against Prince George’s County Police

A restaurant manager held for 13 hours by Prince George’s County police received a $160,000 judgment against them. Sabah Ali said he has a lot of respect and admiration for police officers, but what happened to him in October 2011 was over the line.

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District Heights police officer charged in shooting of suspect

UPPER MARLBORO, Md. -A District Heights Police Sergeant has been indicted on several charges, including attempted murder.

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Washington Post - November 1 2012

Officer accused of shooting a handcuffed suspect faces attempted-murder indictment

The District Heights police sergeant who allegedly shot a handcuffed suspect in the back in September was indicted on attempted murder and five related charges Thursday as prosecutors say his conduct was not just improper, but criminal.

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CBS Baltimore - October 22, 2012

Prince George’s County Will Pay $3.6M Settlement In College Park Police Assault Case

COLLEGE PARK, Md. (WJZ)—The criminal trial may be over for police officers accused in the caught-on-camera beating of a college student. But now we’re learning how much the county will pay out to the victim.

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Washington Post, October 20 2012

Assaulted U-Md. student’s attorney says settlement agreement suggests corruption

The attorney for a University of Maryland student beaten by two Prince George’s County police officers during a basketball postgame celebration revealed Saturday that the county had agreed to pay $3.6 million in civil settlements to 10 students and others involved in the incident.

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